Our firm


The Firm was born in Thiene from the evolution of handmade tailoring that began after the Second World War thanks to the work of its founder, Cristiano Sperotto.

1960 the firm specializes in high-quality production of leather clothing for men and women, becoming important over the years in the international markets with the homonym Brand. 

1979 the firm becomes a company thanks to the entrance of the sons Paolo and Armando Pio, constituting an Ltd.

2004 the firm obtain from the Aeronautica Militare General Staff a convention that allows the creation and the marketing of clothes and accessories, and their personalization with the original badges and logos of Aeronautica Militare and Frecce Tricolori. 


Since then, the Company has designed various lines of products with a growing appreciation of many consumers passionate by the flight, the acrobatics and the Italian lifestyle. 


2011 the Firm charges Virtute srl with the online shopping of the brand. www.aeronauticaofficialstore.com is therefore the only authorized online seller of the Brand Aeronautica Militare – Private collection. 

2012 the Firm obtain a new brand, ESA, and create a new line of clothes inspired to world of the European Space Agency.